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cultural program

Cultural program 2015-2016

The Dante Alighieri Society of Katowice resumes its cultural activities in September proposing to increase its popularity among enthusiasts of the world of Italian culture. Our goals are aimed not only at
 the spread of our culture, but also at the integration of Italian and Polish peoples who have always shared goals and strong friendships. The spirit of our institution is inspired by harmony and all the values ​​that are the basis of humility and social justice. Anyone is welcome among us provided that they don't have political or religious purposes to promote. Our Society is non-profit, therefore suited to those with no expectation of material gain or other ambitions. Initiatives and activities to be discussed and put in place require the cooperation of all members and all people who, in a sincere and honest way, want to help us to realize them.

The first important activity consists of Italian language courses for Polish or other foreigners and Polish for Italians or other foreigners. Like every year, our native speakers are available for teaching the language of commerce and business. The teachers are qualified with academic qualifications and proven experience in teaching Italian as a second language or Polish. It should be remembered that Dante Alighieri is the most prestigious Italian institution for the diffusion of our culture abroad. It is present in nearly one hundred countries around the world and many of them also perform a function connected with embassies and consulates. The certificates and qualifications obtained at our Committees are valid worldwide and enable fast-track entry into employment or access to Italian universities. We offer, in addition to the certificates, the ability to achieve the PLIDA 

From October there will also be cultural meetings with Italian or Polish experts from time to time on topics related to cinema, literature, art and more. Several photo and art exhibitions are scheduled throughout the academic period. There will be events in which music and good food will be the main feature. So concerts, singing competitions and Italian dinners will enliven several evenings. There will be encouraged partnerships with universities and cultural centers both in Poland and in Italy through meetings, conferences, research and offers of scholarships. The calendar of our activities will be posted on our website, quoted below, and on our Facebook page. On the site you can find information to contact us via email or phone for any kind of clarification. Do not hesitate, at any time, to write or call us. Società Dante Alighieri Katowice